Fun Things to Do at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Kauai, Hawaii

Experience an exciting Hawaiian Village for your hen night. Enjoy a two-hour guided tour from the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This historic village is located on Oahu’s North Coast and is filled with fun, tropical sun and fabulous shopping and dining experiences. Take advantage of our expert team of travel pros who will make your trip an unforgettable one. From the stunning Vista Lagoon to the exotic Paradise County Beaches, everything you love about Hawaii is close by.

Celebrate your marriage with the help of our expert Hilton Hawaiian village luau experts. Invite friends and family to join you in this pleasurable outing. Enjoy performances by internationally recognized hula dancers and acrobatic flame throwers. Enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers served by the best chefs in town. Bring back home a souvenir that will remind you of your special day!

Join us for an enchanting Hawaii Luau during the Superstition Mountains where you’ll hear live music, a traditional Polynesian feast and a traditional Hawaiian ritual followed by an exciting hula hoop ceremony. Formal attire is advised, as it might get a little hotter around the ‘big island’. Bring along some tropical fruits to take home as a souvenir from your Hawaiian vacation to the beautiful island of Oahu.

After the Superstition Mountains, head to the adjacent Hanalei Bay Beach where live music and Polynesian food await you. If you are feeling adventurous, try the helicopter ride to see whale sharks or the surfing experience at the surf spot known as Breakout. For the more shy types, there’s always the chance of visiting the turtle farm and having your picture taken with the cute and cuddly creatures. For a taste of culture and Polynesian food, try the Honua Spa which offers a gourmet combination of herbs and culinary masterpieces from Hawaii. After visiting the enchanting Hawaiian village, explore the secret hideaways at Hanalei Bay State Park for lush, sprawling landscapes and sprawling mountainsides perfect for hiking, mountain biking or white water rafting.

After the sun goes down, wind up your Hawaiian Luau in the tropical weather at one of the several convenient lunch stops on Hilo’s South Seas Avenue. Among the stops are the Tiki Bar where authentic Tiki paraphernalia is available, and a wide selection of local cuisine. Then, take a respite from your hike by visiting the Teahouse Tahitian Lodge, one of the most popular Polynesian guest houses in Hilo. Experience the beauty of Polynesian hospitality right in front of your luxury hotel rooms. The lodge is also conveniently located near the best shopping malls in Hilo. You may want to take a leisurely stroll at one of the many hula dancing bars during your Hilo vacation.

If you want to bring the magic of Hawaii close to you wherever you may go, you should definitely visit the Hilton Hawaiian Village during its annual hula hoop contest. Formally known as the “rivalry of the sundial,” this competition features contestants from throughout the islands. Come watch as hula dancers perform their traditional dances from Waikiki, the Big Island, and Molokai to get the attention of judges, and maybe even the attention of the famous island chain itself. This competition happens every year during the month of January. You can attend in person if you wish; however, you’re more likely to get a fun souvenir of the event if you catch the performance live on television or by catching the live HD streaming feed on your laptop.

For something a little more uplifting, you might also want to try the welcome Mai tai punch upon arrival at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. A traditional lei (Hawaiian currency) is exchanged upon arrival for lunch and drinks in the open air bar. Afterward, guests can relax and enjoy the open air patio. The open air patio is also where most of the Hawaiian music and cultural performances happen each day.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can celebrate your stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Even if you don’t feel like participating in any of the above mentioned Hawaiian activities, you should not be afraid to sit back and relax with a cold drink. After all, you’re paying for a quality vacation experience. After dinner, you can explore the open air market at the nearby Diamond Head crater. Before you leave, make sure to stop by the welcome hula lessons on your way out of the hotel and sign up for a free tour of the island as well!