Top Hawaii Hotel Listings and Accommodations

You are planning a Hawaiian Luau. Maybe you are decorating for a Luau party, maybe you just want to bring the family together on a Hawaiian holiday. Regardless of why you are throwing a Hawaiian Luau, there are some fabulous Luau decorations you can use to make your Luau an unforgettable event for everyone in your family. Some Luau decorations include a leis poke, surf boards or flower leis. But, my favorite decoration is the hula dance performed by the hula dancers and beautiful music played on the fiddle and drums.

A hula dance performance is one of the most popular Hawaiian activities performed at a luau. It is also one of the most romantic. This hula will take you through the trees to a secluded beach and back. It is one of the most amazing sights to see. Imagine a group of people gathered around a fire and an open fire under the stars, where you will perform a hula dance and eat an exquisite luau dinner.

After the dance performance, guests can head to their hotel for a fabulous island view meal consisting of pot roasts, Haupia and malas acquires prepared by the renowned chefs of Hilton Hawaiian Village. The exotic cuisine is combined with the finest local and international wines. At our Hotelpole Aloha o Hawaii, guests will dine at the award winning Aloha Isle Table & Grill, one of the oldest dining establishments in town. The elegant ambiance, the exquisite tropical surroundings, the warm hospitality and the delicious dishes are too much to miss and allow you to take several pictures to capture these wonderful times.

For those who want to be physically away from the excitement and bustle of the beachfront, our Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel also offers a beautiful, open air lagoon beachfront luau. This particular program allows our guests the opportunity to relax in the tranquil setting of our lagoon beachfront luau complete with live music, spectacular scenery and magnificent sunsets. In addition to the live music and spectacular scenery, this Hilton Hawaiian Village luau also features our signature lagoon beachfront patio. Each night, from our bar and stools, you will be able to witness the beauty of the sunset while enjoying the breathtaking views of our lovely surroundings.

To make sure your stay in the Hawaiian Islands is memorable and worth your time and money, it is important to experience our historic, laid-back and open atmosphere at our hotels. During your stay at a Hilton Hawaiian Village, you will find the best and most authentic Hawaiian hospitality care available. The staff at each of our hotels will offer you the latest in Hawaiian culture and home entertainment. The Hawaiian village restaurants and bars offer you traditional lei, surfboards, snorkeling, and so much more. This is the perfect place for your stay in the Islands!

With your choice of one of our four unique Hilton Hawaiian village hotels, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle. You can even elect to visit Hawaiian customs and partake of our haole ceremonies. Our hotels are very unique and offer all the amenities you would expect from a traditional Hawaiian Oahu palace. You can dine at one of our many quality restaurants and choose from a variety of delicious cuisine. Plus, we even have a great selection of clubs and other social gatherings to help you fully enjoy the Hawaiian hospitality. You can choose a private beachfront pool or a shared lounge for a private island experience that will truly last a lifetime!

After visiting the Hawaiian village, you can return to your luxurious hotels for some relaxation and down time. Feel free to explore the grounds, take a hike, or even go on an energetic horseback ride. Or you may wish to relax by the pool or at the beachside bar. No matter what your preference, you will be able to find a way to relax on the exotic island of Oahu. Our hotels are set amid tropical foliage and offer you breathtaking views of the ocean and the hilly landscape below. You can also enjoy the nightlife on Oahu, or even explore the fun fairs and street markets for souvenirs.

Your stay on the island of Oahu included an afternoon of shopping and dining in the sunshine. You can return to your comfortable room for dinner and a few rounds of bowling before retiring to your serene room for the evening. Some of our favorite Hilton Hawaiian Village lodging include the Loews Kauai Beach Resort & Spa, Sunset Shore Resort & Spa, and the Wildflower Suites by Hilton Hawaiian Vacation Rentals. Each of these lovely locations includes an onsite golf course, a pool, tennis or equestrian center, and plenty of comfortable seating and amenities. All of our properties include free guest shuttle service to and from the hotel to make your time on the island of Oahu even more enjoyable.